For a non-specialist looking at an acrylic piano some details may escape the overall impression of the lightweight beauty of a see-though piano. We encourage you to look closer, as such an investment can turn sideways if the number-one important ingredient of the transparent piano – acrylic – is compromised. Acrylic pianos are more expensive than their wooden counterparts for the reason that high quality acrylic is a rare and costly alloy that is more expensive than the wood. Lucid Pianos uses specially formulated medical-grade acrylic manufactured by EVONIK that guarantees acrylic against yellowing and extra high index of light transmission for up to 30 years. Without this quality your transparent piano is likely to become clouded, opaque and an oxidized instrument.

Cholris Piano (Made In China) Light Transmission And Clarity:

As you can see the Chloris piano is a budget acrylic piano. Quality of acrylic itself is what makes or breaks the beauty of a transparent instrument. As you can see here the acrylic of Chloris is cloudy and uneven in its light transmission index. While it looks like it needs to be wiped clean it is NOT the surface dirt but the opaqueness of the alloy itself that causes it. Think what happens when you run plastic glasses through the dish washer. Same oxidization affects cheaper acrylic. When exposed to sunlight and air.

Low Quality Acrylic Shows Hairline Cracks Within First 5 Years:

Here is an example of a Chinese-made inexpensive acrylic piano a couple of years into amortization. You are seeing hairline cracks in the surface of acrylic – which is the result of the molecular disintegration of the acrylic over time. The subpar ingredients are unable to structurally sustain the material, which results in visible and irreversible deterioration.

Most Chinese acrylic pianos only offer a 5-year warranty, if at all and usually it does not cover cosmetic imperfections, which are, of course, the symptom of a larger problem with the material itself. Essentially, the budget acrylic is a time-bomb as far as quality is concerned, for even if it looks fine at the time of the purchase the chemical compounds used are already at work breaking the molecular structure of the acrylic down.

Lucid Pianos uses a proprietary formula that was developed by German medical researchers and is the clearest, strongest, and most durable acrylic available on the market. It doesn’t change color over time, and its light conductivity (transparency) remains at the high 90%. That is what it comes with a 30-years warranty.

Lucid Pianos’ Light Transmission And Clarity:

Bluthner acrylic piano quality

Lucid Pianos utilizes EVONIK acrylic with the highest index of light transmission and clarity. Result: A crystal clear piano. Pictures speak for themselves. Absolutely see-through, magnificently color-less acrylic makes the piano disappear into the air. This ‘floating’ can only be achieved with the best acrylic on the market.

Untapered Piano Lid On A Steinhoven Acrylic Piano (Sold Under Tesoro Nero) Brand:

Look at the edge of the lid. Like with many cheaper acrylic pianos Steinhoven craftsmanship lacks refinement and know-how of the iconic Lucid Pianos artesans. The blunt flat edge of the lid looks unfinished and crude.

Tapered Piano Lid On A Blüthner Lucid Crystal Clear Piano:

Blüthner Lucid Acrylic Piano Lid

Conversely take a look at Lucid Pianos lid taper – elegant and polished it thins out the acrylic’s edge for a refined, high-end look.

Screws On Ezekiel Acrylic Piano:

Upon closer look at Ezekiel acrylic piano’s construction pay attention to the screws that hold the rim and soundboard together. Need we say more? The standard industrial Phillips screws are crude and unseemly, giving the piano an altogether DIY (Do It Yourself) look.

Elegant Implementation Of Screws On A Lucid Crystal Clear Piano:

Bluthner Lucid Side Rim Hardware

Alternatively, Lucid Pianos are held together by custom made screws that look more like elegant buttons, minimizing the attention to the mere fact that the piano is held together by them and giving that function more of an aesthetic look.

Hinges On A Steinhoven Acrylic Piano:

Take a look at the budget acrylic piano’s hardware – it is an assemblage of ordinary hardware store screws and plates. It does the job but leaves a lot to be desired aesthetically.

Hinges On A Lucid Crystal Clear Piano:

Hinges on a Lucid Piano

Lucid Pianos hardware is custom designed for our pianos with minimal emphasis on the screws and maximum on functionality and style. It is also available in polished gold and chrome, while some of the higher-end models have rose-gold options.

2-Piece Leg Design On a Chloris Acrylic Piano:

Chloris acrylic piano’s legs are another testament to trade-offs of inexpensive acrylic pianos. They are made of two separate parts: the column and the top base, that are glued together. This results in lesser structural integrity and a very visible seam.

Solid Acrylic Leg On A Lucid Crystal Clear Piano:

Lucid solid acrylic leg

Schimmel also uses a lesser expensive 2-piece leg design.

Solid Acrylic Leg on a Lucid Piano:

Lucid Piano legs are molded as a whole – making them a single weight-bearing element and seamlessly transparent structure

Led Illumination On a Budget Crystal Clear Piano:

Bluthner Lucid Elegance with LED ilumination

Budget acrylic pianos feature LED light strips that are simply laid at the juncture of the frame and the rim facing upwards. This results in LED diodes being exposed, which upon closer look is not a pretty picture. One can easily see the micro-controllers connecting the chips and light diodes. Essentially it looks like a DIY project – with Amazon LED strip lights laid out around the piano frame.

Led Illumination on a Lucid Piano:

Lucid Pianos designs the LED illumination kit from inside out. The lights are covered by a wooden plank that houses the system providing a light diffusion that gives off a uniformed glow both above and below the light strip. A picture is worth a thousand words: look at the ‘glow from within’ of a Lucid Piano vs. Halloween decor style dotted light-strips of the budget counterparts.

Overall Piano Quality Of A Budget Piano

And last but by far not LEAST is the quality of the actual piano itself. Whatever the exterior, the piano’s soul is in its sound. And the sound of the piano depends on the construction of the soundboard and action as well as materials used. Most budget pianos are made in China with less expensive components and conveyer-belt assembly. That usually results in harder, uneven, relatively unresponsive action and glassy, loud sound.

Piano Quality Of A Bluthner Lucid Crystal Clear Piano:

Bluthner Piano Action

Lucid Pianos are built by the legendary German Piano Manufacturer: The Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik, who has perfected their know- how over almost 2 centuries. The professional grade action is super-fast and responsive, while alpine spruce soundboard provides the best possible resonance. Not to be overlooked is one of Bluthner’s many patented inventions: an aliquot string. It is the 4th string above the other 3 in the high register that creates sympathetic vibrations imbuing the sound with voice-like quality that Bluthner pianos are famous for.

Lastly, Lucid Pianos have numerous customizations available to make your piano uniquely yours; from colors and hardware finishes to 18k gold electroplate and crystal embedding

Our pianos are also available in multiple sizes, some models as many as 7 to allow for seamless integration into your space and budget.